Wednesday, September 2, 2009

cameraman needed??

This is my 1st part time job (2nd jd sevice crewz kat restoran..lain kali cite yg tu)...being a can this thing happen on me??..(sejak bile plak aku pandai amik gambr ngan video org).But,don't be suprise if i said i can get a lot of money from this job.....(a lot of tired also..huu.)..The event...Johor International JAMBOREE...about 6000 students were involved in this event and from different countries(majority from SEA countries like malaysia(host),indonesia,brunei and a few from india.

My job..of course about recording videos and capturing pictures but also sell the videos(in cd) and pictures to all contingents...haaa..(penat dow)..Tp part yg best bile bdk2 ni seronok sgt bergambar...siap request nak wat mcm2 pose...aku lyn je..janji keje jalan. A lot of thing ive learned actually,like how to capture a very good picture,use high performance camera,editing pictures and videos which so mean to me.(informal education)....yg paling penting...tahu cmne pye penat jd cameraman..kene kejar aktiviti bdk2 ni....dok kat dpn stage sorang2...sbb nak rakam persembahan....huu....ive gained a lot of xperiences..huuu

*Terharu sbb ade yg siap bg cenderahati kat abg2 cameraman yg bertugas..huhu..thank a lot u guys(yg pempuanyg siap bg no phone pun ade jgk.hehe)